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Dear Friends,
The recent feature by World of Watches (WOW) Magazine Malaysia in the Summer 2020 issue, the leading watch publications across Asia, marks a symbolic milestone to our watchmaking journey as we continuously strive to forge our path towards eternal creativity in the world of horology.
As a young brand with a young heart, we take immense pride in this humble achievement for it shall always be framed into our philosophy of watchmaking.


As 2020 marks the important 60th year milestone of the iconic Justice League Superheroes, this fabled legacy of heroism represents a symbolic new frontier to our Daumier Atelier in forging our vision in watchmaking, “A New Beginning”.
“A New Beginning” represents our very own interpretation of horology, which translates to an entirely new direction that has never been attempted before. With the name “Devia” as the collection identity, the timepieces bears the attributes of being different from norm, symbolically inspired by the word “Deviant”.

The 6 distinctive unique watch cases crafted for the iconic Justice League Superheroes are designed and conceived by our visionary millennial watchmakers to illustrate the possibility of endless creativity. Every timepiece is made differently with subtle distinctive hallmark of the Superheroes. From the shape of the cases till the colors of each variants, every detail is meticulously crafted to truly represent the iconic Superheroes and its individual attributes. With the average size of 43mm by 53mm, the timepieces nestle into the wrist comfortably while exuding solidity in wrist presence with a luxurious touch.

Each DEVIA timepieces are powered by the mechanically proven Miyota 82 calibre, beating at a reliable 21,600 beats per hour with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Together with the 3mm thick sapphire crystal above the stereoscopic dial with 3 rotating discs representing seconds, minutes and hours, it offers a 3-Dimensional modern approach in reading time, departing from the usual timepiece anatomy we see every day.
Each Superhero from the 6 Justice League timepieces, carries a sub-variant of 4 different colorways and finishes, which are Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, PVD Black or PVD Gold. Limited to 333 pieces worldwide each, every timepiece is etched with a unique limited edition number.

The DEVIA Collection isn’t just another Superheroes themed watches, it represents our watchmaking vision, where each timepiece encapsulates the true values of boldness and creativity in bridging century-old watchmaking traditions with Avant-Garde ideology. After all, it’s not just a watch that we’re making, it’s a language of individuality expression on your wrist.
Discover your DEVIA timepiece on our website: www.daumierswiss.com   


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