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Dear Friends,

As everyone’s beloved spooky festival, Halloween, creeps around the corner, we are thrilled to celebrate this festival of fear with immense excitement amidst the new normal caused by the current pandemic. 

The Halloween festival is celebrated in many parts of the world and it’s not always just about spooks and scares. The festival is widely celebrated in spooky yet fun atmospheres, from the traditional “Trick or Treat”, Halloween parties, and the artistic decorations of each home. It is this uniqueness which makes Halloween one of the coolest theme to be adopted worldwide.



As we walk down the memory lane of Halloween celebrations, the familiar orange and black colors vividly surrounds our mind, bringing back the spine-tingling yet joyous moments of walking down the lively street adorned with spooky Jack O’Lanterns, skeletons, and decorations.
The DEVIA Collection comprises 6 Justice League Superheroes in Rose Gold colorway sings to the theme of Halloween marvelously. The warmth of the Rose Gold hues resembles the mystical yet mesmerizing color orange, bringing out the festive spirit associated with it.
Together with the unique stereoscopic dial, consisting of 3 black rotating discs for the hours, minutes, and seconds, the timepiece exudes an intriguing vibe similar to the mysterious Jack O’Lanterns which is menacing yet fascinating to gaze upon. The combination of rose gold and black accents compliments each other with striking contrast, giving an unmistakable “presence” when worn on wrist.

Be prepared to unleash your bold side this Halloween with the Devia series in Rose Gold colorway. We at Daumier Swiss wishes everyone a safe and “spooktacular” Halloween celebration!

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