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Dear Friends,

As the year 2020 is coming to an end, it’s a habitual ritual of us to revisit our hall of time machines and imagine what would our next step be in the world of horology. 

Among the vast collections that was introduced since the inception of our brand, the one memorable collection which plays a big influence to our brand’s milestone has always been the MUTATE Collection.



The birth of MUTATE Collection was a momentous leap for us in the context of horology innovation. Firstly introduced in 2018 right before the release of Aquaman film, it was a significant addition of Justice League inspired timepieces within the AVANT-GARDE line which embodies the pioneering spirit of innovation.
The collection represents “mutation”, referring to the DNA alteration of the original concept in ELITE Collection, the first collection marking the collaboration between Warner Bros. and Daumier Swiss back in 2015. The MUTATE Collection was designed to break common stigma associated with Superheroes inspired timepieces, therefore earning its identity as the “mutant” with a destiny in fusing the iconic pop culture with horology.
The Justice League Superheroes and their well-known iconic traits are creatively interpreted into the timepieces design while sharing the original DNA from its older sibling. The collection retains the classic case shapes with a little design twist. It houses subtle elements associated with a Superhero through the expressive colorway, curves, dial, and bezel aesthetic on the timepieces.

Each MUTATE timepiece is powered by the mighty Miyota 82 calibre, beating at a reliable 21,600 bph with a power reserve of 42 hours. Together with unique designs, the MUTATE Collection proudly earned the title of being one of the high-end makers of Justice League inspired timepieces during its debut.

Each Superhero from the 6 Justice League timepieces offer a sub-variant in multiple colorway and strap options, making it perfect for an individual’s personal expression. Limited to 666 pieces worldwide each, every timepiece is etched with a unique limited-edition number.

The MUTATE Collection has been one of our proudest time machine and we enthusiastically believe it symbolizes a new dimension in appreciating the different side of horology to every proud owner. After all, horology isn’t just about the notion of telling time, instead it is how we interpret the value of time itself with creativity and desire to go further.

Discover your MUTATE timepiece on our website: www.daumierswiss.com   


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