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 In support of HAGAR Singapore, Beyond Social Services & Singapore Red Cross Society
Kicking off from Singapore,
While the World continues its ongoing war with the invisible enemy, “COVID 19”, DAUMIER kicked off this first of its kind campaign on this International Worker’s Day or Labor Day to join everyone to thank millions of workers around the World for their contribution to society over the last few decades. It is during this important time to stand united with the Charities who are not spared as they faced dwindling donations and sponsorship amid the fears of looming recession.
This global initiative seeks to inspire and reward selfless individuals who answer the call to help in such trouble times and the mission shall kick off in Singapore, followed by Malaysia, before concluding in United States. The first stop in Singapore echoes the campaign’s message as it is well known among the World that Singapore, a country without natural resources attain its global position among nations relying solely on workers contributions from all sectors of service.
It shall start from 1st May 20 and end on 30th June 20 together with our local partners, Hagar Singapore, Beyond Social Services, Singapore Red Cross Society and World of Watches (Orchard) to obtain a donation of S$300’000 for the Migrant workers, the Low income Singaporean families and the Medical frontline combating the difficult environment. At the end of the day, we hope that this first of its kind campaign can lead to more able organizations to come forward.
Answer the Call and Join the REAL League of Heroes TODAY!
A total 1’000 individual heroes who donated their solidarity payment of S$600 during this campaign period shall be rewarded with the ownership of an exclusive limited edition of the World’s First Automatic Watch on the Superheroes from Justice League worth more than S$1200. 
Besides enjoying a minimum of 50% off the retail price, half of the S$600 received shall be channel to the official charity recipients. On top of this, every individual gets to choose from not just one but six Superheroes; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, where they can make their selection on the daumierswiss.com website. There is a total combination of 24 designs for them to choose and the stock availability shall be based on first come first basis.  
“The Good New Heroes” campaign shall be completed if any of the following conditions are met; the target of S$300’000 is achieved, or all the 1000 pieces allocated for this special campaign are reserved by individuals or the campaign date finished.
First Recipient; Low Income Children, Youth and Families with BEYOND SOCIAL SERVICES


When COVID-19 situation struck Singapore, the first group that was very badly affected were the low-income Singapore families. The financial strain caused by COVID-19 situation further impacted families with emotional stress and several from this group are concerned they can't pay for household expenses, including children’s school related expenses. With the economic impact expected to last at least one year, the current situation will not only affect the families’ expenditure now but will compound their arrears. This causes us deep concern, especially how the children and youth from these families will cope during this uncertain period. 50% of the proceeds from the 250 pieces allocated shall be channeled towards this cause to assist children, youth and families served by Beyond Social Services. 
Second Recipient; Migrant Workers with HAGAR SINGAPORE

Since mid Apr 2020, Singapore has seen a staggering surge in COVID-19 infections amongst migrant workers concentrated in dormitories. As of 30th Apr 2020, 13,354 of the 323,000 migrant workers have been tested positive for COVID-19. This also means that 82.6% or majority of the 16,169 COVID cases in Singapore are migrant workers. To date, HAGAR Singapore, a non-profit organization has already assisted some 3,000 affected migrant workers and existing HAGAR clients with care packs comprising hot meals, essential face masks, hand sanitizers, Vitamin C, cleaning detergents and other daily living supplies. In addition, those that have lost their jobs or income as a result of the COVID-19 are also receiving additional economic and healthcare support from HAGAR. 50% of the proceeds from the 250 pieces allocated shall be channeled towards providing meals, essential supplies, economic support and tele-counselling to migrant workers affected by COVID-19. All these shall be operated under HAGAR Singapore.
Third Recipient; Medical Front line & Elderly with SINGAPORE RED CROSS SOCIETY 
As the COVID-19 situation continues to worsen, Singapore Red Cross Society announced a series of initiatives aimed to provide support and relief for the vulnerable in Singapore, especially the elderly and the contributing humanitarian relief items to communities and medical supplies such as PPE (Personal Protection equipment), medical supplies to frontline health workers from Asia Pacific countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, North Korea, Timor Leste, Thailand, India, and Iran. 50% of the campaign proceeds from the 500 pieces allocated shall be channel towards this cause and shall be operated by Singapore Red Cross Society.
Special Thanks to Supporting Partner; WORLD OF WATCHES 2 (ORCHARD) Pte Ltd
The watch retailer, World of Watches 2 is located on Level 3, Wisma Atria has answered the call to step forward to provide complimentary logistical and coordination support to aid the “The Good New Heroes” campaign even though it is not the official retailer of Daumier in Singapore. However, this is possible after the Circuit Breaker period after 4th Jun 2020. They shall be the main collection ground of the timepieces. We wish to thank and express our gratitude towards the WOW2 management and colleagues for their kind support.

The Mutate Collection is launch together with the highly popular movie, Aquaman in Dec 2018. Unlike previous collaboration, which the entire collection is battery powered/quartz, this entire collection are all mechanical, making it the World’s first Automatic collection on Super Heroes from the Justice League. The collection caters to die hard followers and also appeals to Watch Collectors. Limited to only 666 pieces per model, it has been mainly reserved and sold out since appearing in the Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China market in 2019. 

Prior to this Campaign, this entire collection is not available in Singapore or Malaysia market as it is geographically exclusive only in the above 4 countries due to the high demand. This 1’000 pieces are the final allotment and no further pieces are allowed to be retail in Singapore at this price after 31st May 2020. 

Discover “The Good New Heroes-Singapore” in the link above or contact us for further enquiries