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Dear Friends,

This month of March marks a monumental moment for Justice League fans worldwide as the long anticipated, Snyder Cut, shall be brought to life on screen following the rally of fan’s voices

Dubbed as ‘justice’ server to the previous 2017 Justice League by fans worldwide, official teasers have expressed exciting twist to the film’s storyline. With the release of Snyder Cut, not only we are experiencing originality, but we are also witnessing one of a rare moment in DC Universe whereby an existing film is being re-released.

Justice League Reborn: The ‘community’ spirit that gave rise to Snyder Cut equally powers our horology quest in seeking perfection in ingenuity to truly fuse the iconic Justice League with traditions of time. The Avant-Garde Collection is a horology reborn from traditional watchmaking rules, envisioning time to be a little ‘fun’.

A New Grey – The range of DEVIA timepieces in exclusive Gunmetal colorway. Apart from the monochromatic aesthetic, this industrial yet neutral color has strong affinity to Snyder’s linkage with black and white schemes. Under various lighting environment, Gunmetal can exhibit silverish, greyish, or deep black appearance which create an ‘organic’ wearing experience, sometimes it might even catch you off-guard as a ‘new watch’.

Mechanical Heart – The DEVIA timepieces in Gunmetal are encased with the ever precise, durable, and reliable Japan automatic calibre, carrying the same precision standard with other variants.
To celebrate the arrival of Snyder Cut, we are rolling out our own red carpet to welcome the newly reborn Justice League by offering an irresistible promotion. A MEGA SALE on all our Justice League Collections shall start on the 8th March 2021, offering fans worldwide to own our unique time machines.
Explore our AVANT GARDE section to shop all our Justice League timepieces.   


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