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 In support of Malaysian Red Crescent, MERCY Malaysia, World Vision Malaysia & NGOhub
Supporting the Fight against COVID-19,
While Malaysia continues its ongoing war with the invisible enemy, “COVID-19”, World of Watches 2 Sdn Bhd, launches this first of its kind campaign to inspire everyone to stand united for those badly affected from the COVID-19 situation. With uncertain times and with the Movement Control Order extended to 9th Jun 20, more uncertainties arise during this period of darkness.
This initiative seeks to inspire and encourage selfless individuals to answer the call to help out during such trouble times. It’s a coincidence that the date of the partnership also happens to be the same month when the Wonder Woman movie made its World’s premiere 3 years ago. However, this time, it is not just a movie but a reality to encourage fellow citizens to step up to defend those that has been badly affected by this terrible pandemic.
The Campaign begins from 15th May 20 and end on 31st Jul 20 together with Malaysian Red Crescent Society, MERCY Malaysia, World Vision Malaysia and NGOhub, together with World of Watches 2’s brand; Daumier to raise RM 1.1 Million in donation, which seeks to strengthen the resources needed by our Malaysian NGOs to continue with their ongoing battle against COVID-19. At the end of the campaign, we hope that this unique partnership with the participating organizations mentioned above can be a positive catalyst in such uncertain times.

Answer the Call and Join the REAL League of Heroes TODAY!
For every piece of the Justice League’s Devia Collection, it shall be sold at fixed price of RM 4’000.00 each, which is up to 20%* discount off. Besides enjoying the special one-off discount, RM 2’000.00 shall be donated to Malaysian Red Crescent, MERCY Malaysia, World Vision Malaysia and NGOhub respective COVID-19 related funds, which is tax-deductible *excluding World Vision & NGOhub.  
In view of the COVID-19 ongoing situation, interested parties can log on to www.mywow2.com for their selection or visit the World of Watches 2 outlets at Isetan-Lot 10 Bukit Bintang, Isetan-KLCC, Central i-City Shah Alam. In addition, they may also contact the participating NGOs should one require further information on the campaign.  
The Good New Heroes – This campaign shall be deemed as completed once the targeted amount of RM 1.1 Million is achieved, or 550 pieces allocated is reserved, or the campaign date ended by 31st Jul 2020.
First Recipient; #responsMALAYSIA by Malaysian Red Crescent Society

Under the Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s initiative, #responsMALAYSIA (Malaysia’s Response) led by Her Highness, Yang Teramat Mulia Dato Seri Di Raja Tan Sri Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz Binti Almarhum Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, aims to provide more channels to fellow Malaysians to continue providing support in the war against COVID-19. The donations from corporations and individuals can be funnelled towards essentials needed by the Frontliners, generating important awareness among families, and communities in promoting positive behaviours that can curb the spread of this disease.  
Second Recipient; COVID-19 Pandemic Fund by MERCY Malaysia

Under the MERCY Malaysia’s initiative, COVID-19 Pandemic Fund led by Ir. Amran Mahzan as Executive Director, aims to provide more support and relief assistance to those affected by the outbreak. The donations raised from this campaign can be funnelled towards necessary essentials such as protective gears and medical equipment needed by our heroic Frontliners in the battle against COVID-19. In addition, the fund will also be used to provide food and essential assistance to communities whose livelihood been affected by COVID-19, together with educational materials to generate important awareness among communities which can curb the spread of this disease.
Third Recipient; Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Appeal by World Vision Malaysia 
Under the World Vision Malaysia’s initiative, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Appeal led by Daniel Boey as Chief Executive Officer, aims to raise funds to response to the virus outbreak in Malaysia. As the outbreak continues to cause disruptions to our daily lives, vulnerable communities that are living in poverty requires extra assistance especially during times like this where their livelihood are lost. The donations raised from this campaign will be channeled towards essentials such as food supplies and hygiene products which will support the vulnerable children and families during this tough and uncertain time.
Fourth Recipient; Emergency Fund for NGOs Affected by COVID-19 by NGOhub
Under the NGOhub Malaysia’s initiative, Emergency Fund for NGOs Affected by COVID-19 led by Wah Hoo Chun as Director, aims to provide more support and assistance to Malaysia’s homegrown NGOs to help the underserved communities during this tough time. During this outbreak of COVID-19, many of our local neighbourhood NGOs are facing difficult times as well in enforcing their cause to assist our underserved and underprivileged communities as resources begins to deplete. The donations can be funnel towards essentials such as food supplies for orphanages, old folk’s homes, refugees, HIV patients, B40 families, and animal shelters, impacting more than 4,000 individuals to date.
Partnering with World of Watches 2; 

World of Watches 2 is founded in Kuala Lumpur during 2010. In a decade, it has expanded internationally to Bangkok, Singapore and shall be expanding its presence in Hanoi, Vietnam in Quarter 4 of 2020. The current new flagship store at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur is also currently Malaysia’s largest watch strap retailer with more than 10’000 different varieties to cater to different brands. As the authorized sole retailer of Daumier, it has convinced Daumier to participate in this first of its kind campaign. 

The entire collection of 6 Superheroes was first presented in Sep 2019 during the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair and it was scheduled to be launched officially together with the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film in 2020 across Asia. Continuing Daumier’s successful launch of the World’s First Automatic Limited Series for the iconic heroes of Justice League in selected countries, it has again break new grounds with unprecedented designs. 

Limited to only 333 pieces per model worldwide, each of the 24 variants of the Devia Collection is widely anticipated to be on the top priority list by both DC comic and Watch collectors in Japan, S.Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. This current batch of special edition shall be discontinued after the entire collection is sold out, making it highly collectible and rare. Together with Malaysian Red Crescent Society, MERCY Malaysia, World Vision Malaysia, and NGOhub Malaysia, this marks a priceless memorable opportunity to join the real league of heroes to do your part. 

Discover “The Good New Heroes-Malaysia” in the link above or contact us for further enquiries