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 In support of Center for Disaster Philanthropy, GiveDirectly, & International Rescue Committee
Supporting the Fight against COVID-19,
While United States of America continues its ongoing war with the invisible enemy, “COVID-19”, Daumier, a Swiss based watch brand, launches this first of its kind campaign to inspire everyone to stand united for those badly affected from the COVID-19 situation. With uncertain times along with the rising national daily infection rate, more uncertainties arise during this period of darkness.
This initiative seeks to inspire and encourage selfless individuals to answer the call to help out U.S. communities in need during such trouble times. The campaign’s kick off date also falls on the Fourth of July and this partnership with the three 3 participating NGO/Charity organizations will be a meaningful one, as it represents patriotism and love for the nation. While every proud citizens of America celebrates Independence Day, this campaign encourages fellow patriotic citizens to defend those that has been badly affected by this terrible pandemic.
The Campaign begins from 4th Jul 20 and end on 31st Aug 20 together with Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), GiveDirectly, and International Rescue Committee (IRC), along with Daumier to raise USD 100’000 in donation, which seeks to strengthen the resources needed by the American NGO/Charity to continue with their ongoing battle against COVID-19. At the end of the campaign, we hope that this unique partnership with the participating organizations mentioned above can be a positive catalyst in such uncertain times.

Answer the Call and Join the REAL League of Heroes TODAY!
For every piece of the Justice League’s DEVIA Collection, it shall be sold at fixed price of USD 800.00 each. With every purchase, 25% (USD 200.00) of the sales proceeds shall be donated directly to Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), GiveDirectly, and International Rescue Committee (IRC) respective COVID-19 related funds. So the new purchase is USD 600.00 after the donation, which is 50% off the average recommended retail price. 
The Good New Heroes – A total of 500 individual pieces of Daumier’s DEVIA - Limited Edition Series shall be reserved for this campaign and each “Hero” who step up to answer the call of this philanthropy spirit shall have the opportunity to obtain these watches from 24 different variants. This campaign shall be deemed as completed once the targeted amount of USD 100’000 is achieved, or 500 pieces allocated is sold out, or the campaign date ended by 31st Aug 2020. 
Interested parties may visit Fundraising Platforms (FundRazr.com & MightyCause.com) to participate in this one of its kind campaign. In addition, interested parties may contact the participating NGO/Charity listed above should one require further information on the campaign.
First Recipient; CDP COVID-19 Response Fund by Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Under the Center for Disaster Philanthropy initiative, CDP COVID-19 Response Fund led by Patricia McIlreavy as President and CEO, aims to provide support to the vulnerable communities which are heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund will be channelled towards non-governmental organizations which are working directly in responding to the pandemic by focussing on the key areas; protective medical equipment and emergency medical support team, support towards quarantined vulnerable individuals including food relief, ensuring support is provided to small businesses with emergency grants and guidance programs, and educational promotion initiative on hygiene to curb the spread of COVID-19. The donation raised from the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund will allow Center for Disaster Philanthropy to better response to the key areas effectively and to prepare for future arising needs during this pandemic. 
Second Recipient; Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Programs by IRC

Under the International Rescue Committee initiative, Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Programs led by David Miliband as President and CEO, aims to rapidly respond to the COVID-19 outbreak as it continues to spread across the world including the underdeveloped countries. While the outbreak continues to affect countries worldwide with public safety issues, countries with weak health systems will be affected the hardest. The lack of medical supplies and protective equipment issues within these countries prohibit the efforts to curb the outbreak from further spreading. In response, the funds raised from the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Programs by IRC will be utilized proactively to provide the necessary support needed by the vulnerable communities within these countries. The support from the IRC include various initiatives such as preparedness program, essential health services, refugees support, educational efforts, and essential protective equipment for frontliners to many parts of the world globally.
Third Recipient; COVID-19 Response Programs by GiveDirectly, Inc 
Under the GiveDirectly, Inc initiative, COVID-19 Response Programs led by Michael Faye as President and Co-founder, aims to provide financial relief support to the vulnerable American and African communities which are heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. This global pandemic is a rising threat to many individual’s livelihood as unemployment cases begin to rise rapidly around the world. The low income families will be affected the hardest by this pandemic especially the daily wage earners, where they are suddenly unable to continue earning their living to sustain their necessity. From there, issues such as housing stability and food security will be rising shall rise and cause vulnerabilities to these communities. The fund raised by GiveDirectly, will be used to provide cash relief to affected families help sustain their livelihood while we go through this uncertain time together.  

The entire collection of 6 Superheroes was first presented in Sep 2019 during the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair and it was scheduled to be launched officially together with the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film in 2020 across Asia. Continuing Daumier’s successful launch of the World’s First Automatic Limited Series for the iconic heroes of Justice League in selected countries, it has again break new grounds with unprecedented designs. 

Limited to only 333 pieces per model worldwide, each of the 24 variants of the Devia Collection is widely anticipated to be on the top priority list by both DC comic and Watch collectors in Japan, S.Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. This current batch of special edition shall be discontinued after the entire collection is sold out, making it highly collectible and rare. Together with Center for Disaster Philanthropy, GiveDirectly, & International Rescue Committee, this marks a priceless memorable opportunity to join the real league of heroes to do your part. 

Discover “The Good New Heroes-USA” in the link above or contact us for further enquiries