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Dear Friends,

We wish everyone a Happy New Year full of happiness and prosperity. It’s an exciting new journey which marks a new chapter in our lives and also in our journey in watchmaking.  

As the ol’ saying goes, “New Year, New Me”. A new year signify a change to our life journey, be it a new lifegoal, relationship commitment, or even a new style. We at Daumier Atelier, believes that a brand new year calls for a new expression of style.

Our passionate belief in style expression is also closely knitted with our spirit in watchmaking as we always strive to continuously challenge the boundaries of creativity to unleash unique time machines which connects style and the art of horology.
For individuals who have a soft spot for all things unique, be it style or anything in between, Avant-Garde infused timepieces are the perfect style of watch to strap onto the wrist. The unique characteristics of these type of timepieces amplifies the owner’s personality, thanks to the expressive nature of the watch’s architecture and eye-catching colorways. You will be sure to not bump into another person, wearing the same watch as you in your proximity.
For petrolhead who live their life a quarter mile at a time, the love for cars and speed is inseparable. In the quest for speed back in the days, time is everything to a race car driver, all encased within a watch which is strapped onto their wrist. The vintage inspired racing chronograph is perfect for those who love all things motorsport with a dose of heritage. Ignite your engines and strap on this watch as an adrenaline filled journey awaits you in the golden era of motorsport.

With a passionate devotion to the art of music, fans of classical music savor the fine details of symphony, brought to life by the masterful hands gracing the instruments. The fusion of musical art with horology is synonymously tied with perfection, where a musician and watchmaker both seeks perfection in delivering their artistry. Immerse yourself in the melody of time with these musical inspired timepieces and the discovery of perfection shall unravel.

Across many various styles of timepiece, everyone shall be able to find a piece that could truly speaks to their heart. All we need is just to seek for the connection to our passion. Define this new year of 2021 with style and let it be your expression of creativity.
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