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Dear Friends,

As the festive season fills the air with excitement and joy, it’s a joyous moment for us at Daumier Atelier as we welcome the new year of 2021.  

Besides enjoying the festive season, our excitement was also sweetened up by Warner Bros. announcement, which the official Wonder Woman 1984 movie shall soon hit the silver screen worldwide. As teased in the movie’s trailer, we are certain that many are equally as thrilled as us in anticipating the shimmering eye-catching “Golden Armor” worn by the beloved Superheroine.



As global fans might have noticed, the bold appearance of Wonder Woman in her “Golden Armor” is brought to life for the first time in live-action movie, originating from the comic illustration. This marks a significant milestone in her incredible 80 years legacy as the “Golden Armor” symbolizes her “Spartan” personality which is rarely seen throughout her appearances in movies.
When we conceptualize the design of Wonder Woman timepiece by DEVIA Collection, we wanted it to truly be a unique timepiece to befit the iconic Superheroine. The case design embodies her personality as the symbol of justice, resembling to the shape of a shield when viewed upfront. Combined with a modern contemporary sizing, the timepiece brings a whole new dimension in wearing experience.
The familiar colors represented by Wonder Woman are just as iconic as the beloved character itself. The striking red and blue colorways on her go-to battle armor are infused into the timepiece’s dial, complimenting her insignia and armor motifs. The iconic combination of colors exude a very compelling visual aesthetic which stands out, similarly like how Wonder Woman makes her jaw-dropping entrance in saving the day.

Desire for a shining upgrade like Wonder Woman’s Golden Armor? Suit up with the Wonder Woman 04 variant in Rose Gold colorway. This unique variant shares the same design DNA, bearing resemblance to the Superheroine’s shiny new armor as brought to life in the Wonder Woman 1984 film.

The Wonder Woman timepiece is protected by a 3mm thick sapphire crystal above the stereoscopic dial with 3 rotating discs representing seconds, minutes and hours. It offers a 3-Dimensional modern approach in reading time. Powering the timepiece is the mechanically proven Miyota 82 calibre, beating at a reliable 21,600 beats per hour with a power reserve of 42 hours. Shielding the crown which duty is to interact with the timepiece’s functionality, is its unique position at twelve o’clock. Guarded by the quick-release strap, it shields off possible harmful impacts on the crown as it is the kryptonite to every timepiece’s longevity, similar to a Superhero who always possess one weakness which harm them.
The Wonder Woman carries a sub-variant of 4 different colorways and finishes, which are Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, PVD Black or PVD Rose Gold. Limited to 333 pieces worldwide each, every timepiece is etched with a unique limited edition number.

The legacy of Wonder Woman shall soon hit 80th anniversary milestone and her storied success has proven to be a golden ticket to a far greater destiny beyond her appearance in comic books. Once an ink illustration, has now transcended into a globally recognizable symbol of feminist icon. We believe her destiny shall shine eternally along with the passage of time.

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