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The Rise Of Batman?

by Daumier Swiss on July 01, 2022
batman ben affleck
Zack Snyder's Justice League fans are calling for Warner Bros. to make a Ben Affleck Batman movie. It would be hard to argue that the new version of Justice League didn't make more of an impact than the theatrical release. A lot of that has to do with the streaming service rollout, and even more of it has to do with the deepening of Snyder's narrative. Affleck's Caped Crusader got some major filling out in the new version of the film.
The prospect of Deathstroke getting to share a solo film with Batman is too much for a lot of fans to pass up. So, they're calling for the Batfleck movie on a Saturday. Just like the Release the Snyder Cut movement before it, the Restore The Snyderverse movement is not letting up. (When you think about it, there's no incentive not to. Their actions at least helped motivate Warner Bros. to release the director's cut of the film in the first place.) Now, the company has given no indication that they intend to revisit Snyder's plans for another Batman movie. But, hope springs eternal.
During Justice Con this year, the director actually gave his thoughts on the entire Restore the Snyderverse movement. "I'll just say this: I think it is a concept that I believe shows a sort of reverence for the work, right," the filmmaker began. "And that way whatever it results in I have no idea. And most likely nothing, just based on you know."

"I guess my point is that like the reverence for the work is a thing that I never would dismiss and or in any way say I don't respect and that I would not of course give my entire effort to support it because I think that we make the movies, it's made and it's finished and it's there and all the characters and all the storylines and everything, we understand it, it's not like a, you know," Snyder added. "And so if someone says to me, no matter who that person is, like 'I really loved that thing, I wish he would make another one' I personally am not a person who says like, 'well, that, you know, forget it' like, you know, I just think that's rude."
Do you think we'll ever see that Batfleck movie? 
Article credit by AARON PERINE from Comicbook.com