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The Explosion of Rainbow Watches

by Daumier Swiss on July 01, 2022

The rise in the popularity of rainbow watches skyrocketed in 2020 with the array of colorful watches from many brands within the horological landscape. Those who frequent the realm of social media must have had stumbled across images of colorful watches recently and one must have wondered, “what’s up with all these rainbow craze now?”

The rainbow trend actually surfaced seemingly out of nowhere and became a hit this specific year, even though the rainbow concept itself was nothing new. The concept has been experimented in the past, however it did not really “exploded” like how it is currently. But how and what made these colorful watches extremely popular now?

To answer that seemingly easy question, is to understand the meaning of rainbow and its alluring colors. Watches are often regarded as the window to a person’s personality and style which is undeniably true. A reserved person will most likely sport watches which has classical design elements such as black or white dial and a bolder person will most likely sport bigger watches with a more expressive color combination. So an individual’s choice of watches do depend heavily on their personality and lifestyle.

How does this relate to the uprising rainbow trend in watches? It does play a big part in all the craze we’re seeing now in watches. Today, we do live in a fast-paced lifestyle and this include every elements in our lifestyle such as fashion trend whereby a “style” has now been regarded as an evolution, which is an evolving language of expression. The days when one is wearing a bright colored watch which commonly associated as being “loud” is now long gone.

The acceptance from consumers towards bright colorful watches is what fuels the rising trend of rainbow watches. The appeal of the colorful watches seems to sing to almost every age segment which is incredibly surprising to say at least. With the combination of modern materials and innovative designs, a bright colored watch looks refreshing and sporty when worn on wrist, exuding a sense of confidence in an individual’s style regardless of age. 

All in all, the trending craze in rainbow watches does feel refreshing for year 2020 and it’s always fun to see a little splash of colors. The bright colorful watches are fun and it is exciting to discover a color that truly represent your style and personality. After all, the best moments in life are the ones we live for ourselves. Looks like the rainbow trend is going to be staying for a while now.