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HOW TO: Telling Time with DEVIA Collection

by Daumier Swiss on July 01, 2022


Every new idea looks crazy at first. That's what everyone have in mind when they first witnessed the birth of DEVIA Collection. With striking design, the unique time display became a super magnet in sparking conversation worldwide.

The hottest question we get most often is, "how to read the time?" Let's dive right in. There are 3 separate discs which rotate 360°; the Hour (largest disc), the Minute (middle disc), and the Second (smallest center disc). These 3 discs moves independently from one another exactly like a traditional watch, except this entire watch face is moving continuously in motion.


In the video, you can see the 3 disc moving forward in action. Although it might look like a complicated "vault lock", it is actually extremely easy to read time through the window at 6 o'clock. This particular way of time telling also resemble an "analogue" digital watch where only the current time is shown without clutter.

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